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October 11 - October 25, 2017



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

RANK: 31 NAME: B Corp TEAMS: Boly:Welch TEAMMATES: 38 TOTAL POINTS: 12047  
RANK: 32 NAME: Beneficial State Bank & Foundation TEAMS: Green Queens, Daisy's Crazies, Beneficial State Bank and Albina Community Bank TEAMMATES: 70 TOTAL POINTS: 11578  
RANK: 33 NAME: Beveridge & Diamond, PC TEAMS: B&D BAL BAYWATCHERS, B&D DC Eco Nationals, B&D SEA Spotted Owls, B&D Austin Armadillos, B&D SF Summer of Eco Love, and 2 more teams TEAMMATES: 69 TOTAL POINTS: 11576  
RANK: 34 NAME: University of North Alabama TEAMS: University of North Alabama TEAMMATES: 243 TOTAL POINTS: 11386  
RANK: 35 NAME: Los Alamos, NM TEAMS: Spark, Trinity Trash Talkers, Los Alamos EnviroGiants, Los Alamos EcoChallengers!, Los Alamos County Green Team, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 69 TOTAL POINTS: 11303  
RANK: 36 NAME: KEEN Inc TEAMS: KEEN EU, EastCoast, KEEN FSR Team, KEEN Utility Sales TEAMMATES: 56 TOTAL POINTS: 11062  
RANK: 38 NAME: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville TEAMS: SIUE Green Team, SIUE Geography Club, SIUE Sociology Club TEAMMATES: 82 TOTAL POINTS: 10035  
RANK: 39 NAME: 3Degrees TEAMS: 3Degrees TEAMMATES: 67 TOTAL POINTS: 9750  
RANK: 40 NAME: Westerville South High School TEAMS: dub team, Carmen WSHS, The Manley's, WSHS Wildcats Ecology Period 9, WSHS Wildcats Ecology Period 10 TEAMMATES: 53 TOTAL POINTS: 9735  
RANK: 41 NAME: HP TEAMS: HP Corvallis, HP Vancouver, WA TEAMMATES: 52 TOTAL POINTS: 9693  
RANK: 42 NAME: 211info TEAMS: 211info TEAMMATES: 43 TOTAL POINTS: 9529  
RANK: 43 NAME: Randall Group / CTL Management, Inc / Focus Commercial, Inc TEAMS: Randall Group TEAMMATES: 59 TOTAL POINTS: 8849  
RANK: 44 NAME: Southern Illinois University Carbondale TEAMS: Saluki Green Action Team TEAMMATES: 90 TOTAL POINTS: 8572  
RANK: 44 NAME: California State University Monterey Bay TEAMS: CSUMB Sustainable Otters  TEAMMATES: 87 TOTAL POINTS: 8572  
RANK: 45 NAME: UW La Crosse TEAMS: greenlax TEAMMATES: 85 TOTAL POINTS: 8357  
RANK: 46 NAME: The Story of Stuff Project TEAMS: Story of Stuff Team TEAMMATES: 217 TOTAL POINTS: 8074  
RANK: 47 NAME: Santa Clara University TEAMS: Sustainable SCU TEAMMATES: 167 TOTAL POINTS: 7857  
RANK: 48 NAME: Pacific Continental Bank TEAMS: Pacific Continental Bank TEAMMATES: 45 TOTAL POINTS: 7788  
RANK: 49 NAME: Dickinson College TEAMS: Dickinson College Green Devils TEAMMATES: 72 TOTAL POINTS: 7773  
RANK: 50 NAME: Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest TEAMS: JVC Northwest TEAMMATES: 65 TOTAL POINTS: 7498  
RANK: 51 NAME: Marylhurst University TEAMS: Marylhurst University TEAMMATES: 54 TOTAL POINTS: 7383  
RANK: 52 NAME: SmithCFI TEAMS: EcoBlazers - SmithCFI TEAMMATES: 34 TOTAL POINTS: 7274  
RANK: 53 NAME: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign TEAMS: Sustainability LLC  TEAMMATES: 65 TOTAL POINTS: 7143  
RANK: 54 NAME: Inclusion Inc TEAMS: Inclusion Inc TEAMMATES: 25 TOTAL POINTS: 7081  
RANK: 55 NAME: City of Hillsboro, Oregon TEAMS: City of Hillsboro TEAMMATES: 57 TOTAL POINTS: 6930  
RANK: 56 NAME: Comerica Bank TEAMS: Comerica TEAMMATES: 42 TOTAL POINTS: 6685  
RANK: 57 NAME: Portland State University TEAMS: Dreaming of Earth, Nature Fam, EcoReps PSU, Free Wheelies, Campus Sustainability Office, and 4 more teams TEAMMATES: 81 TOTAL POINTS: 6287  
RANK: 58 NAME: Oregon State University TEAMS: OSU Environmental Sciences Club TEAMMATES: 27 TOTAL POINTS: 6098  
RANK: 59 NAME: St. Petersburg College TEAMS: SPC Net Impact - Water, SPC Net Impact - Energy, SPC Net Impact Food Team, SPC Net Impact - Transportation TEAMMATES: 42 TOTAL POINTS: 5938