October 11 - October 25, 2017



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 290 Name: Burns & McDonnell Teams: Burns & McDonnell teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 290 Name: Bur Oak School Teams: Bur Oak Farm teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 44 Name: California State University Monterey Bay Teams: CSUMB Sustainable Otters teammates: 87 Total Points: 8572  
Rank: 23 Name: Cambia Health Solutions Teams: Tree Lovers Cambia Evergreens teammates: 191 Total Points: 14377  
Rank: 72 Name: Canton-Potsdam Hospital Teams: CPHealthy teammates: 50 Total Points: 4728  
Rank: 290 Name: Cardinal Homeschool Teams: Cardinal Homeschool teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 290 Name: Cascades Academy Teams: Eco Ninja teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 70 Name: Cascadia College Teams: ELP - Tristinn's Writing 5 ELP - Speaking/Listening 4 Cascadia Student Life Cascadia College Faculty and Staff teammates: 66 Total Points: 4802  
Rank: 133 Name: Cascadia College BASSP Program Teams: BASSP BASSP II teammates: 10 Total Points: 1683  
Rank: 88 Name: Catlin Gabel School Teams: Catlin Gabel teammates: 15 Total Points: 3751  
Rank: 290 Name: CCHS Teams: Cedar Creek EcoChallenge teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 226 Name: Celilo Group Media / Chinook Book Teams: Chinook Book teammates: 7 Total Points: 257  
Rank: 187 Name: Center for Diversity and the Environment Teams: EPOC PDX teammates: 11 Total Points: 603  
Rank: 271 Name: Center for Parental Leave Leadership Teams: CPLL teammates: 2 Total Points: 55  
Rank: 212 Name: CGO Teams: CGO Green Team teammates: 1 Total Points: 353  
Rank: 120 Name: Chamisa Elementary, Los Alamos Schools, New Mexico Teams: Chamisa Green Living Team teammates: 34 Total Points: 2050  
Rank: 96 Name: Chemeketa Community College Teams: Chemeketa Community College teammates: 19 Total Points: 3115  
Rank: 161 Name: Christ Church Emerging Teams: Christ Church Emerging teammates: 8 Total Points: 1083  
Rank: 172 Name: Church of the Ascension Seattle Teams: Church of the Ascension Seattle teammates: 6 Total Points: 864  
Rank: 22 Name: Citi Teams: Citi Green Team Network Citi Green Team Philippines teammates: 138 Total Points: 14408  
Rank: 283 Name: City of Eugene Teams: City of Eugene teammates: 1 Total Points: 34  
Rank: 106 Name: City of Gresham Teams: Green is the New Black teammates: 24 Total Points: 2507  
Rank: 55 Name: City of Hillsboro, Oregon Teams: City of Hillsboro teammates: 57 Total Points: 6930  
Rank: 80 Name: City of Lake Oswego Teams: Lake EcOswego teammates: 21 Total Points: 4147  
Rank: 15 Name: City of Portland Teams: City Staff Climate Action Now PDX Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Bureau of Development Services teammates: 175 Total Points: 17679  
Rank: 290 Name: City of Warren Teams: City of Warren teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 99 Name: Clackamas County Teams: Clackamas County Employees! teammates: 25 Total Points: 2975  
Rank: 282 Name: Clark County, WA Teams: Clark County Composters teammates: 2 Total Points: 35  
Rank: 11 Name: CLEAResult Teams: CLEAResult The Green Bean Boulder Green Team CLEAResult Detroit Reading Makes You Smarter CLEAResult Columbus Office teammates: 171 Total Points: 26347  
Rank: 142 Name: Climate Cooperators Teams: Durham Launch the Future! teammates: 10 Total Points: 1403