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October 11 - October 25, 2017

Washington County Feed

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  • bunnie pollock's avatar
    bunnie pollock 10/25/2017 11:34 PM
    I learned about taking time to be grateful... for the little things that make a big impact 

  • bunnie pollock's avatar
    bunnie pollock 10/25/2017 11:27 PM
    Enjoyed the challenge and met some new people... I also made some valuable changes in my life

  • Max Lopez's avatar
    Max Lopez 10/25/2017 10:29 PM
    I had a wonderful time doing this challenge. Sad to see it ending, but excited for next year! 

  • Chris Batman-Mize's avatar
    Chris Batman-Mize 10/25/2017 7:52 PM
    Oh, and I had to fix my kitchen sink sprayer because it was leaking (needed a new washer), I love YouTube videos on home repairs.

  • Chris Batman-Mize's avatar
    Chris Batman-Mize 10/25/2017 7:49 PM
    So in a timely fashion, our Trauma Informed Care committee is looking at the WA Co. FMLA leave policy and sick leave as a way to implement a more ‘TIC’ approach; so I met another challenge today while reviewing it.

  • Chris Batman-Mize's avatar
    Chris Batman-Mize 10/25/2017 7:41 PM
    Well, this year’s challenge has been a fabulous experience. I was so happy to have so many colleagues join in this endeavor! Thank you everyone, fabulous job! The pic is in honor of the upcoming holiday... Happy Halloween  🎃!

  • Dawn Wright's avatar
    Dawn Wright 10/25/2017 6:21 PM
    I will definitely be continuing to work on my own challenge to be GMO FREE. I still have that feeling that if something wasn't created a certain way to begin with it shouldn't be altered. I just read about China successfully crossing genes of a rat and a pig to make leaner pork. I don't know about you but I  say no thanks to GMO piggies!

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/25/2017 2:02 PM
    I'm kind of highly competitive, so I thought that those of you who are also might want to know...

    Although we are behind in the county in our competition with Multnomah County, we are CRUSHING it per capita at 164 points each over their average of 96! Of course, both teams are rocking a great collective impact and it's fun to have friendly neighbors to 'compete' with this way.

    (And it's not over til it's over!)

  • Jacob Rosales's avatar
    Jacob Rosales 10/25/2017 1:51 PM
    This has actually been really engaging and a lot of fun. I like the reminder that I have to be nice to people. Lol. Sometimes it's not so easy.

  • Patricia Longua's avatar
    Patricia Longua 10/25/2017 1:11 PM
    Had a lot of fun this time around.  My hike was rainy but fun, already planning to return to do more.  Learned a lot about fish and issues with the depletions.  got some great new recipes to use.  (A few not so great...)  The happiness challenge made me happy!  :-)