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October 11 - October 25, 2017

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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Greta Matos's avatar
    Greta Matos 10/25/2017 4:43 PM
    Two weeks flew by!! I am definitely planning to keep up with my habit of turning off my computer and sticking to the 5 min shower. I'm celebrating with a jar of water from our freshwater spring- I feel incredibly lucky to be able to drink directly from the mountain source. 
    I am still planning to visit the city landfill and try to influence positive change in our local recycling center - we can always do more and can always do better!

  • Marilu Cristina Flores's avatar
    Marilu Cristina Flores 10/25/2017 1:01 PM
    I can't believe today is the last day of the challenge, I am so bummed. I love this platform and can't wait for the next challenge!

  • Greta Matos's avatar
    Greta Matos 10/24/2017 7:03 PM
    I did drop off our recycling today but still haven't managed to track down the processing facility location. Moving to Chile after living in san Francisco definitely made me more aware of how critical an efficient and inexpensive waste management system is if you truly want to i fluence change in a community. Through my own frustrations with how poorly the system works here I have been immersing myself in understanding the political, cultural and economic dynamics at play that are blocking real impact. although it is still better than many places- at least we can take our recycling somewhere- there is still a lot needed in terms of basic education and efficiency. I am hoping to visit the landfill this week to continue learning.

  • Greta Matos's avatar
    Greta Matos 10/23/2017 1:45 PM
    Enjoyed a rainy day hike today as well as taking shorter showers and powering down electronics 😊 I'm also thinking about setting a personal commitment to watch the sunrise and the sunset everyday for the next month as the days grow longer and the weather heats up (I'm in the southern hemisphere)

  • Susan Stuart's avatar
    Susan Stuart 10/22/2017 11:05 PM

  • Susan Stuart's avatar
    Susan Stuart 10/22/2017 11:04 PM
    offered to take neighbors glass recycle to nearby recycle center when I take mine.  recycled food waste (veggie, bread, eggshells) into worm bin composter.  

  • Susan Stuart's avatar
    Susan Stuart 10/22/2017 10:58 PM
    purchased carbon offset for airline flight through Forterra

  • Marilu Cristina Flores's avatar
    Marilu Cristina Flores 10/22/2017 7:08 AM
    I saw Chasing Coral a few weeks ago, being a Marine Scientist I knew much of the information, but there is still something so shocking about seeing what we are doing to our planet. I had a business trip in Chicago this week, I made some personal time and walked to the Aquarium there. What a magical place, everywhere you turned there was educational information about curbing single use plastic consumption. It was amazing! We need to really get up in people's faces about how detrimental Single Use plastics are to our environment. It's insane how much trash we produce on a daily basis as a society. 

  • Marilu Cristina Flores's avatar
    Marilu Cristina Flores 10/22/2017 7:04 AM
    I make it point to post at least one educational and empowering post on Social Media on how people can curb their single use plastic consumption. I think when people see images that impact their communities and the places they love directly they are more likely to act. 

  • Marilu Cristina Flores's avatar
    Marilu Cristina Flores 10/22/2017 7:03 AM
    I reached out to the Vermont Environmental Commissioners, expressing my support for a Plastic Bag Ban. I then reached out to the Surfrider Foundation so that we could work together to build a plan that works for Vermont. I hope to have an action plan to the Commissions for them to vote on in January 2018.