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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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October 11 - October 25, 2017

Durham Community

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  • October 23 at 1:46 PM
    Starting the week off strong! Meat-free meals are actually some of my favorites: pad thai with tofu today, and tomorrow it's Mexican night! Can't go wrong with rice & beans.
  • October 18 at 8:00 AM
    Eating less meat (or eating no meat!) is such an easy way to live a healthier, more sustainable life.
  • October 16 at 8:54 AM
    Meal Planning is such a good habit- it helps reduce your footprint in many ways and keeps you healthier! I'm glad I've got my plan already made for this week: I'll be making use of what's already in the fridge and I will only buy what I need when I go grocery shopping today.
  • October 12 at 9:25 AM
    Did everyone log their daily activities yesterday? If you forgot, don't worry! You can easily toggle between days and record what you did if you forget to record on any given day. 
  • October 10 at 10:20 AM
    Make sure to complete your Actions Assessment and choose your Daily Actions!
  • October 5 at 9:24 AM
    I haven't scanned all of the actions yet, but I expect that they include ones that I already practice regularly.  It will be fun to find a new way to challenge myself to further reduce my impact on the environment.

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