October 11 - October 25, 2017

HP Nederland Feed

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  • Tadeusz Minkiewicz 10/25/2017 11:23 PM
    Eco challenge done and keep on doing it.

  • Manuel Sosa 10/24/2017 5:57 AM
    Mostly muscle transport, and although not included in the challenge, I am setting a standing work station, now seated 2h per day only!

  • Tadeusz Minkiewicz 10/23/2017 11:50 PM
    Today took a small detour and cycled extra 15 mins through the forest on my way to work.

  • Tadeusz Minkiewicz 10/23/2017 11:49 PM
    3 more days to go and keeping up the good progress.

  • Stefanie Schulze 10/23/2017 7:16 AM
    Could not set the minutes (value) of extra sleep. Managed 3 nights of 7hrs sleep last week, however not been able to set it in the system as desired. Will leave this challenge now.

  • Manuel Sosa 10/20/2017 8:35 AM
    I tend to leave my laptop on sleeping mode, now I am powering it down everyday!
    Also I am phasing out CO2-intensive seafood intake.

  • Tadeusz Minkiewicz 10/20/2017 12:31 AM
    Came in by bike just before the rain. Filled my water bottle and use my mug instead of plastic cups. 

  • Tadeusz Minkiewicz 10/17/2017 1:20 AM
    Going well. Bicycling every day and saving water.

  • Stefanie Schulze 10/16/2017 4:54 AM
    Additionally to printing double sided, for personal usage, I reduced approx. 50% of personal print out at home by using mobile phone screenshots for notes (e.g. errand list, questions to raise with friends/family).