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October 11 - October 25, 2017

HP Corvallis Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Christopher Toles's avatar
    Christopher Toles 10/25/2017 9:13 AM
    This has been a great way to give me focus.  I am now more conscious of when I leave a light on in a room none of us are in and I've bought a surge-protector with a switch for my laptop charger so I wouldn't have to remember to unplug it (to avoid "vampire power draw" for the unused charger).  I am also in the process of changing over old CFL's for even more energy efficient LED bulbs.

  • Lisa Riggs's avatar
    Lisa Riggs 10/25/2017 8:00 AM
    This has been making me think about my water usage.  Instead of running the water when I wash the dishes, I shut it off, and only run it when it is needed.  I find this challenge is helping me see the amount of water I am wasting in other areas too.

  • Kelly Drebin's avatar
    Kelly Drebin 10/25/2017 5:24 AM
    A good habit can become contagious, like a disease, only in a good way.  Yeah, a good habit disease is what this place needs...

  • Kelly Drebin's avatar
    Kelly Drebin 10/24/2017 6:04 AM
    Ya gotta start sometime, might as well start now...

    • Reed Lacy's avatar
      Reed Lacy 10/24/2017 11:36 AM
      I appreciate your comments, Kelly.  And you are right on: no time like today to start (and to build on) good habits!

  • Susie Semenek's avatar
    Susie Semenek 10/23/2017 4:22 PM
    My story: I was doing ok with this eco-challenge and then on Friday the e:mails started asking for donations. They did so again today. That definitely is turning me off to this.

    • Reed Lacy's avatar
      Reed Lacy 10/24/2017 11:32 AM
      I'm with you, Susie, and don't think NWEI should be doing this.  I didn't see this in previous challenges.  I've contacted them already about this...

  • Christopher Toles's avatar
    Christopher Toles 10/23/2017 1:27 PM
    When we first moved to Corvallis a  year ago we installed a 5.1kW solar photovoltaic system.  We have a small electric car (Smart fortwo) and after starting the challenge here I have attempted to charge my car more at home (relying on solar excess kWh than using the charging station at work).  This should keep it carbon neutral.

    • Reed Lacy's avatar
      Reed Lacy 10/24/2017 11:34 AM
      I'm very impressed, Chris, with what you've set up for your family.  Kudos to you!

  • Kelly Drebin's avatar
    Kelly Drebin 10/23/2017 5:15 AM
    We should do this more often, saving the planet, that is.

  • Kelly Drebin's avatar
    Kelly Drebin 10/20/2017 5:58 AM
    Doing this challenge is fun, changing my behavior could become habit forming...

  • Kelly Drebin's avatar
    Kelly Drebin 10/19/2017 5:46 AM
    Doing the right thing (helping the environment) helps me feel happy, a happy body is an efficient body, it's a vicious cycle...

  • Lisa Riggs's avatar
    Lisa Riggs 10/18/2017 8:33 AM
    It can be a challenge to take 5 minute showers, especially when it is cold outside and the heat of the water is so refreshing.  I have a new strategy though which is making it work.