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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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Liz Zavodsky (EcoChallenge Staff)


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Use a Reusable Mug

I will avoid sending 1 disposable cup(s) to the landfill per day by using a reusable mug.



Smart Seafood Choices

I will visit or download the app and commit to making better seafood choices for a healthier ocean.



Compost Food Waste

I will avoid sending up to .69 lbs (.31 kg) of food waste to the landfill per day by composting my food or learning how to.



De-Clutter My Home

I will de-clutter, clean, and donate or recycle unneeded items in my home.


Create Your Own Action

Eliminate Plastic

I will do my best to not purchase food wrapped in plastic of any kind. I will also do a plastics audit in my home to see what can be replaced so I can begin reducing plastic overall.



  • While I did not buy this during the challenge I realized when I opened it from
    my pantry, there is still plastic in the wrapper and the lid! 

    • Rebecca Snook's avatar
      Rebecca Snook 10/25/2017 11:44 AM
      They hide it in everything! It is so hard to try to purchase almost anything without it!

  • Two Words: Trader Joe's.........Everything in the store is wrapped in plastic! I love the store and some of the things they carry, but wow, I need to find some of my favorites at another place. Did not do well this weekend when I went shopping there. 

    • Caitlyn Howell's avatar
      Caitlyn Howell 10/23/2017 9:05 AM
      Ditto Grocery Outlet. Hmmmmmm.....those two "cheaper" options aren't so "cheap" eco-wise, are they....

  • When I made soup this past weekend I failed with the plastic purchase. I bought Cauliflower rapped in plastic and did not even think about it as I did not see another option at that particular store. Ugh. Shows you how autopilot I was. 

    • Rebecca Snook's avatar
      Rebecca Snook 10/19/2017 2:50 PM
      That happens to everyone, looks like the plastic was at least recyclable though. Right?

  • Well, it's been a few days since I have posted and I have had some success and some mishaps with my challenge. On Thursday I forgot I wanted to pick up some food for a meeting and look at all the plastic I got as a result! I needed to plan ahead to make this stuff and not have any plastic. That's what I get for last minute.....

  • Well day 1 came with an early surprise and twist to my challenge. We are lucky in Portland (as I know other places are too) in that we can take plastic clam shell containers, stretchy plastic bags, plastic lids and other forms of plastic to certain grocery stores or another recycling facility to get recycled. 

    We just learned last week that the vendor in China we ship our plastic to for recycling is no longer taking it which means all the plastic Jeremy and I keep in our garage to be recycled when we go to the grocery store, is now garbage - ugh. You can read more about it from New Seasons (our local Grocery Store) here:

    While it breaks my heart to have to throw that away (or keep it stock piled until it's back) it reminded us both that we have really let ourselves slide on purchasing items in plastic knowing that we can recycle it. Therefore, this makes our challenge even more important. We really must find ways to purchase the things we need and enjoy without plastic being involved. Day one is a success so far. Let's see how these next two weeks go. Thanks for following along. 

    • Thanks for sharing this Liz. We actually went through the same process at our house. I was glad that I was able to drop off a year's worth of stretchy plastic a few months ago. Sad we can't do it any more but now it's on us to cut it out of our consumption and packaging. Good luck!