October 11 - October 25, 2017

xiaoqing yang

HP Shanghai

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Insulate Water Pipes and Water Heater

I will avoid wasting water while waiting for the shower or sink to heat up.

One-Time Action


Install Greywater Catchment

I will install a greywater catchment system in my home.

One-Time Action


Brush My Teeth Without Running Water

I will save up to 8 gallons (30 L) of water each day by turning it off while brushing my teeth.



Organize a Course

I will organize one of NWEI's discussion courses on food sustainability, 'Menu for the Future' or 'Hungry for Change', with my family, friends, coworkers, or classmates.

One-Time Action


100-Mile Diet

I'm up for a serious challenge! I will only eat food that has been raised and cultivated within a hundred-mile radius of where I live.



  • xiaoqing yang 10/17/2017 6:42 PM
    The 100-mile diet is a great way to learn about your local farming community, get healthier, and choose a sustainable way of eating. It is not quite as serious as eating a hyperlocavore, zero-mile diet, but it is a great step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and will dramatically lower your carbon footprint. 
    What is the 100-mile diet?
    The concept of the 100-mile diet forces a mental shift from eating globally to think more locally to ensure everything you eat is within a 100 mile radius of your table. Though going cold turkey into eating within such a restricted geographical region may not be for everyone you can start with a single family meal. This forces you to research and explore what's actually grown close to your home and you’ll begin to appreciate not only the bounty of your local region, but the major implications of eating foods from around the world.
    Not sure what 100 miles looks like on your dietary map? Use this online mapping tool to find your 100 miles.

  • xiaoqing yang 10/15/2017 7:34 PM
    Install Greywater Catchment  is hard for my family , sorry for that. .................

  • xiaoqing yang 10/10/2017 10:16 PM
    I want to go to the company...... . but no one help me to take care my little boy!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • xiaoqing yang 10/10/2017 10:09 PM
    eating chocolate@@@  

  • xiaoqing yang 10/10/2017 4:02 AM