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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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Jennifer Nelson

Washington County

"To lead Washington County's EcoChallenge team to greatness and glory! (And clean up my own act in the process.)"

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Jennifer's Actions


Practice Gratitude for Earth

I will spend 20 minute(s) per day outside, practicing gratitude (prayer, meditation, journaling, etc.) for Earth and the nature surrounding me.



Try a New Way to Prep

I will try a new method of food preparation, such as canning, pickling, or baking bread.

One-Time Action


Limit Social Media

I will limit my social media use to once per day.



Whole Foods Diet

I will enjoy 1 meal(s) per day free of processed foods.



Go for a Daily Walk

I will take a walk each day.



Work from Home

I will work from home 1 day(s) to avoid my commute's carbon output.

One-Time Action


Drive Less

I will cut my car trip mileage by only taking necessary trips.



Exercise Daily

I will exercise daily for 20 minute(s) per day for two weeks.



Audit Toxic Cleaning Products in my Home

I will research toxic chemicals found in cleaning supplies and personal care products and remove them from my home.

One-Time Action


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    Jennifer Nelson 10/25/2017 2:02 PM
    I'm kind of highly competitive, so I thought that those of you who are also might want to know...

    Although we are behind in the county in our competition with Multnomah County, we are CRUSHING it per capita at 164 points each over their average of 96! Of course, both teams are rocking a great collective impact and it's fun to have friendly neighbors to 'compete' with this way.

    (And it's not over til it's over!)

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/25/2017 11:02 AM
    Team, I got busy and frustrated with life and fell off the wagon for a few days but LOOK HOW MUCH YOU'VE ACHIEVED! :O :O :O

    I'm super impressed and humbled and excited and thankful for this participation. You all are amazing!

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/23/2017 8:27 AM
    Way to go everyone - we cracked 10,000 points!

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/16/2017 1:12 PM
    NWEI recently send a summary of the collective impact of all Challenge participants... here's how our efforts as a team are contributing!

    Everyone in the challenge combined has prevented over 31,545 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.
    Washington County contributed 54 pounds of that!

    Everyone in the challenge combined has conserved over 96,918 gallons of water.
    Washington County contributed 527 gallons of that!

    Everyone in the challenge combined has traveled more than 7,462 miles by alternative transportation.
    Washington County contributed 98 miles of that by bus alone!

    Everyone in the challenge combined has spent over 63,232 minutes outside.
    Washington County contributed 975 minutes of that!

    This is just a tiny slice of our overall impact - you can see totals on the team page at
    when you scroll below the feed and member activity.

    Keep going team! :)

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/14/2017 10:24 PM
    I didn't take the new trail challenge this year but I should have... We really enjoyed Horsethief Butte today! 

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/13/2017 1:14 PM
    Did you know you can follow the team's collective impact as we continue to take the challenge? Here's a snapshot of some of the most impressive stats. Way to go, everyone!

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/12/2017 1:19 PM
    Here it is.... my glorious WHY!

    (I am AWFUL at selfies. You're welcome. lol)

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/12/2017 1:08 PM
    Hi team!

    Here's a quick run down on how the discussion board works and earning more points:

    1. Each day, you can earn 5 POINTS for your first discussion board post. After that, posts and comments are just for the fun of it.

    2. You will get a notice each time someone replies to a post you created... including your own replies to other people's comments on that post.

    3. Chatting with someone about a topic? Just know that they don't get updates when you reply to their comments on your own post. Yeah, that's weird (NWEI is on the case).

    4. Easy Workaround: If you are deep in discussion on a post, just check in occasionally to see if the original poster or others have replied. I'll e checking in on all my discussions at least once a day too. (If you work at the County and ask for technical help in this feed, I'll do my best to email you a reply; might be easiest to just email me at to start though>)

    5. EARN MORE POINTS! We've got three competitions open, and if you are like me, you want to win all three! Check out the image below for reminders from my Points This Week tally of actions you can take to add them up!!!

    Thanks everyone for everything you do - you are literally the best!!!

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/12/2017 12:42 PM
    It is important to know yourself, lol. Walk completed, cookie obtained!

  • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
    Jennifer Nelson 10/12/2017 9:33 AM
    Sharing the rain-based challenge woes today... what is going to help me feel motivated to walk at lunch today?!!!  
    (I imagine it will likely take the form of a pastry...)