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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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Carla Macedo

ESR 171 PCC Sylvania Fall 2017


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Host a House Party

I will host a house party to watch a movie or present a guest speaker on an environmental issue that matters to me.



5-Minute Showers

I will save up to 20 gallons (75 L) of water each day by taking 5-minute showers.




I will write down three things every day for two weeks that I am grateful for, or send one email every day thanking or praising someone.



Go for a Daily Walk

I will take a 30-minute walk outside each day.



Eat Mindfully

I will eat all of my meals without distractions, e.g., phone, computer, TV, or newspaper.



Enjoy the Sunrise/Sunset

I will enjoy the sunrise and/or sunset each day.



De-Clutter My Home

I will de-clutter, clean, and donate or recycle unneeded items in my home.


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    Carla Macedo 10/18/2017 11:10 AM

    I mostly chose this challenge because I had never really thought about how much time I spend in the shower. But apparently it isn't very much. I don't know what that says about me, but hey the Earth is just a little bit better LOL. I usually try to only wash my hair about three times a week (makes for healthier roots, and overall better looking hair) so I mostly just use the 5 minutes to rinse and scrub, and on the days I wash my hair I turn off the water while I shampoo and condition (Not sure if that's cheating or not, but if anything I spend less and five minutes with the water on when I do that).

    Mindful Eating:

    This was a huge one for me. There's nothing I love more than making food and then sitting in front of the TV to binge watch Nurse Jackie or The Office.

    I find myself getting full a lot faster because I'm actually paying attention to what I'm putting in my mouth, and listening to my stomach when it finally says, ' STOP, NO MORE."

    It has also served as a meditation period. I feel a lot more relaxed after a nice quiet meal.

    Sunsets and Sunrises: 

    This is my favorite challenge by far, even though the clouds have been interfering lately. There's something really cathartic about taking the time to watch something that happens every day but we don't often pay attention to.

    30 Minute Walks:

    This one has been beneficial not only to me but also my friends that I bring along. Walking and running have always been a form of relaxation for me, so I decided to kick the challenge up a notch and make my friends and family come with me every time I go, no matter how late. My friend christine and I walked for about two hours on thursday night and I didn't end up getting home till midnight. I've also been exploring new walking spots. Here is a picture of my mom when we went to the trails behind the Audubon Society Building! She so cute <3

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      April Ann Fong 10/19/2017 5:35 PM

    • Duggan Foster's avatar
      Duggan Foster 10/18/2017 11:44 AM
      I love to watch the sunrise and set!  It can be so pretty!  Its funny how it happens every day, but we do not always take the time to stop and watch it!  I'm glad you are doing this!  It makes me want to do it more!

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    Carla Macedo 10/18/2017 10:40 AM
    Hey all, it's been a crazy week so I am going to be blogging a week's worth of activities!


    So for this challenge i did a combination of letter writing and documenting three things that make me happy on the days where I didn't write a letter. 

    I wrote three letters, one for my friend since the 8th grade, Jensen. Another for my favorite writing professor, and my best friend Jorge. 
    I have not given them out yet since my school and work life are so hectic, but I'm going to try to take pictures of their reactions when they finally get the chance to read them.

    As for the things that make me happy:
    • My boyfriend bought me new windshield wipers (I can see!!!)
    • I had a photoshoot with my dog at the park
    •  I spontaneously booked an Airbnb in Lincoln City for November and I couldn't be more excited.
    • I gave my dog a bath and she smells so good, now I don't have to worry about having a stinky butt in my bed.
    • I had a burger for like the first time in months and it wrecked my stomach but it was TOTALLY worth it.
    • My friend Jensen bought me hot wings and we had beer and wings up at Rocky Butte.
    • I bought henna hair dye which I am dying to try!!!
    • I took my mom out to a nice dinner, it feels really good to be employed and be able to take care of her.
    • I designed a new tattoo that I'm hoping to get in the next month or so (maybe after the beach).