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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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Erin Fitzgerald (EcoChallenge staff)

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Work-Life Balance

I will not work more than 8 hour days each day to practice work-life balance.



Find Local Recycling Depots

I will find out where to recycle the recyclable items that I can't put in my curbside bin.

One-Time Action

Create Your Own Action

Read for 30 minutes a day

I will take at least 30 minutes out of each day to be present and use the time to read a book (offline).



  • Hey, EcoChallengers - you may want to check your email...(think fun giveaways, cool prizes)!

  • Hey, fellow EcoChallengers - Erin here from the NWEI - don't forget to share your "Why" for taking action or your EcoChallenge on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or here on the ParticipantFeed with the hashtag #EcoChallengeWhy or #EcoChallenge - use the Selfie template - 100 bonus points are up for grabs! You have until Oct. 16 (midnight PST) to be eligible to win. Winner will be notified on Oct. 17.

  • Question for those in the Portland, OR area - does anyone know where I can buy bulk (enviro-friendly) dishwashing and laundry detergent? New Seasons used to carry it, but stopped, and I haven't seen it at Whole Foods.

  • One of my challenges is to be more present - the last couple of days spending time in nature helped me focus and find balance. This shot was taken at Mirror Lake near Mt. Hood.