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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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Walk Instead

I will walk 2 mile(s) per day instead of driving and avoid sending up to 1.72 lbs of CO2 into Earth's atmosphere.


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    Max Dorow 10/24/2017 11:22 PM
    My challenge went very smooth. I only rode (I did not drive at all) in a car 4 times during the two weeks of this challenge. It was easy for me to not drive in a car because I live in Sanford Hall on the UW-La Crosse campus, so I literally walk everywhere, whether it be to class, to get food, to hang out with friends, or even to baseball practice. Also, I did not bring a car to college, so it is quite difficult to drive one when you don't have one. They only downside to this challenge for me was the length of my car rides. I had to go back home, which is 3 and a half hours away from La Crosse one way. I spent around 10 hours in a car during the two weeks. Besides the lengthy trips, I had really no reason to be in a car.