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October 11 - October 25, 2017
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Perry Coleman

ESR 171 PCC Sylvania Fall 2017

"Save dat H20"


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Brush My Teeth Without Running Water

I will save up to 8 gallons (30 L) of water each day by turning it off while brushing my teeth.



Conserve Toilet Water

I will save up to 12 gallons (45 L) of water a day by flushing only when necessary.


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  • Perry Coleman's avatar
    Perry Coleman 10/22/2017 8:46 PM
    decided to walk to my buddies house today instead of driving. It extended my communute a good bit but it wasn't that bad once i was layered up under my rain jacket. 

  • Perry Coleman's avatar
    Perry Coleman 10/19/2017 6:14 PM
    Found some empty Gatorade bottles and decided to wash them out, fill em with water and put them in the fridge for chilled water whenever I want it without needing to go get some ice. 

    • April Ann Fong's avatar
      April Ann Fong 10/21/2017 1:38 PM
      Reuse is good, but don't reuse them too long! Single use bottles do degrade over time and eventually leak phlalates.

  • Perry Coleman's avatar
    Perry Coleman 10/18/2017 5:25 PM
    Brought my reusable bags to Fred Meyer and didn't buy or use anything packaged in plastic today. 

  • Perry Coleman's avatar
    Perry Coleman 10/17/2017 6:47 PM
    Decided to do the days dishes by hand tonight after dinner and am not sure how much water I saved but I know it was a few gallons compared to the dishwasher. 

  • Perry Coleman's avatar
    Perry Coleman 10/14/2017 8:50 PM
    Not flushing the toilet everytime is something I have done a little bit before but I decided to take it a little farther for the challenge, kind of choosing to flush once  I can smell urine standing over the toilet. Brushing my teeth without having the water running is very easy, everyone can easily do this and should really only be using water to rinse out their mouths. 

    • April Ann Fong's avatar
      April Ann Fong 10/17/2017 6:42 PM
      Hmmm...putting the lids down could help? :D

    • El Bee's avatar
      El Bee 10/14/2017 8:55 PM
      You could pee outside to reduce the smell! If possible where you live. :)