October 11 - October 25, 2017

Jane Brackett

Antioch New England & Friends

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Go for a Daily Walk

I will take a walk each day.



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I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

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  • Jane Brackett 10/25/2017 7:35 AM
    Wow it is pouring!  Got soaked walking but how gorgeous it is out there.  We badly need the rain so it is so welcome.  The colorful maples have pretty much lost their orange and red leaves but the yellows, golds and coppers of the beech and oak glowed in the soft light and Marsh stream is running again after being dry for months!  Thank you Gemma for initiating and encouraging this challenge, I have very much enjoyed it. Jane

  • Jane Brackett 10/17/2017 5:46 AM
    Extra challenging this morning to go out for the pre-work walk as it was very chilly and I was extra sleepy.  But wanting to complete the eco challenge with the team urged me out the door.  My reward was a extra special walk, sunshine, beautiful fall color and new bird songs.  Enjoy life.

  • Jane Brackett 10/12/2017 5:34 AM
    Beautiful, frosty, early morning walk before work.  GREAT way to start the day.