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October 11 - October 25, 2017



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 83 Name: University of Wisconsin La Crosse Teams: UW-L Remsburg's class crew teammates: 70 Total Points: 4060  
Rank: 13 Name: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Teams: UWL Green Team UW-L ENV 201 Braun teammates: 108 Total Points: 20778  
Rank: 290 Name: University of South Carolina Teams: Gamecocks teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 198 Name: University of North Alabama Teams: UNA teammates: 36 Total Points: 505  
Rank: 34 Name: University of North Alabama Teams: University of North Alabama teammates: 243 Total Points: 11386  
Rank: 191 Name: University of New England Teams: UNE teammates: 4 Total Points: 574  
Rank: 159 Name: University of Nebraska at Omaha Teams: University of Nebraska at Omaha teammates: 17 Total Points: 1093  
Rank: 130 Name: University of Mount Union Teams: UMU Green Raiders teammates: 18 Total Points: 1718  
Rank: 97 Name: University of Montevallo Teams: University of Montevallo teammates: 42 Total Points: 3110  
Rank: 284 Name: university of Minnesota, Duluth Teams: UMD Office Of Sustainability teammates: 1 Total Points: 32  
Rank: 53 Name: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Teams: Sustainability LLC teammates: 65 Total Points: 7143  
Rank: 269 Name: University of illino Teams: Chambana! teammates: 1 Total Points: 60  
Rank: 63 Name: University of British Columbia Teams: UBC CONS 210 Course teammates: 88 Total Points: 5619  
Rank: 249 Name: University Arkansas Little Rock Teams: UA Little ROck teammates: 1 Total Points: 97  
Rank: 193 Name: Universidad San Francisco de Quito Teams: EcoReps USFQ teammates: 15 Total Points: 557  
Rank: 243 Name: Unitarian Church of Barnstable Teams: Step By Step teammates: 4 Total Points: 136  
Rank: 73 Name: Trees for the Future Teams: Trees for the Future teammates: 22 Total Points: 4562  
Rank: 173 Name: Travel Oregon Teams: Travel Oregon teammates: 11 Total Points: 823  
Rank: 134 Name: ThinkShout, Inc Teams: ThinkShout teammates: 13 Total Points: 1627  
Rank: 46 Name: The Story of Stuff Project Teams: Story of Stuff Team teammates: 217 Total Points: 8074  
Rank: 235 Name: The Regeneration Magazine Teams: The Regeneration Mag teammates: 2 Total Points: 166  
Rank: 290 Name: The ONeill Law Firm LLC Teams: ONeillLaw teammates: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 252 Name: The Love Brigades Teams: The Love Brigades teammates: 1 Total Points: 90  
Rank: 160 Name: The Intertwine Alliance Teams: The Intertwine Alliance teammates: 5 Total Points: 1084  
Rank: 196 Name: The Indigo Project Teams: Indigo teammates: 6 Total Points: 525  
Rank: 19 Name: The Hartford Teams: Team Orlando The Hartford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) teammates: 156 Total Points: 16607  
Rank: 61 Name: The City of West Linn Teams: Team West Linn teammates: 34 Total Points: 5693  
Rank: 203 Name: Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Teams: Lutherans Restoring Creation teammates: 5 Total Points: 433  
Rank: 111 Name: TerraCycle Teams: TerraCycle teammates: 28 Total Points: 2254  
Rank: 170 Name: Tenrec Inc. Teams: The Mighty Tenrec teammates: 6 Total Points: 897